Navigate on a POS Demo and learn more About Us At Kemru POS Retail, we believe that our clients deserve the best – top-quality software that serves your needs and understands your unique industry. We’ve been developing world-class business systems focused on accounting and retail management for over 10 years, becoming an internationally recognized premier provider of innovative, strategic business solutions. Our POS Mission To maintain a high standard of quality in the development of all our software solutions. To provide world-class service and support to all our clients and business partners. To make sure our software is legally and legislatively compliant in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Our POS Solutions From basic accounting to fully integrated KEMRU POS to General Ledger, our solutions are designed to suit everyone in the retail market. Choose from our ready-designed solutions, or contact us for a customized solution to suit your unique needs. Our software is recognized and used globally, developed locally, and gives you what you need to run a thriving retail business.