Biometric Student Attendance Management System

In this system, our Biometric time and attendance machines are used to capture the attendance of the student. This can be done using the RFID cards, the fingerprint of the child/Student, face recognition technology. This information is transmitted to the server automatically and from where the SMS is pushed to the parent mobile using the SMS API Gateway. We use the world-class API gateway for sending SMS. The complete attendance is collected and sent to parent mobile. School gets an option to send customized SMS with the name of the child/Student to prevent the confusion in case of multiple students of a parent. Even absent SMS can be sent after a particular time intimating parent. This complete process of sending Attendance SMS is automatic. There is no manual process required. Student Attendance Management System

KemruBioTime attendance system for school

KemruBioTime attendance system for school is a long-range RFID based attendance system. KemruBioTime readers are capable to capture students at a distance up to few meters. KemruBioTime attendance system is very fast. In KemruBioTime attendance system for students, students need not wait at the gate. KemruBioTime Antennas are wall mounted. Student’s ID-Card can be embedded with a KemruBioTime card. When the student passes through the gate, wall mounted KemruBioTime antennas track individual identity using ID card. The server which is present in the school or hosted on the cloud sends instant SMS to parents’ mobile numbers. Different kinds of attendance reports can be generated. Complete KemruBioTime based student attendance system is GPRS based, plug and play.